Insurance Options


Affordable Care Act Plans

In Georgia will continue to have very high premiums and deductibles, and there will also be fewer choices; however, for those that have pre-existing conditions, or for those that qualify for a subsidy, this may be the best option.

Healthshare Ministry Plans

Health Sharing Ministry plans offer an attractive option. Although they are NOT insurance—and we never refer to these plans as insurance, they offer a very attractive option for covering health costs.

We are committed to helping our clients find
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Psalm 134:14

Options for 2018 are

Affordable Care Act

for those that have pre-existing conditions, that qualify for a subsidy

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Altrua-Health Sharing Ministry plan

• Penalty Exempt Coverage

Understanding Altrua

• Extensive Provider Network


• Y2 to Y3 Premium ACA Plans

Altrua key points

Short Term Medical

With this option is the plan can only last for 90 days then the plan has to be re-applied for based on a law that began 4-1-17. Because this option could leave someone “uninsured” mid-year, this option may not be the best fit—depending on when it is 1st applied for.

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