3 Things to do Before You Change Insurance

Many things can precipitate a change of insurance, losing benefits and having to get a new plan and even aging up and out of your parents plan and into your own, to name a few. Before you find yourself without your current plan, here are three things to do before you change insurance. These things will make for an easier transition out of your current plan and into your new one and can help you avoid disruption to your usual experience.

3 Things to do Before You Change Insurance

First, before you lose your current medical coverage, fill all of your current prescriptions. Costs of medicines can vary between plans and so can the frequency allowed for refilling. Refilling before you run out might save you some worry.

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Next, get any necessary doctor’s visits scheduled before your current plan runs out. Again, sometimes costs can change and you might want to stick with what you know before moving into your new plan. Another reason? Your current doctors may not be on your upcoming plan.

Lastly, call your current medical providers and see if they are on your upcoming plan. You don’t want to assume anything, call and make sure. Knowing this in advance will give you time to research and choose new providers that do accept your upcoming plan.

It’s best for your wallet and for you to prepare for these changes in advance!

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