Going Somewhere? Travel Insurance Tips

Enjoying the summer, and really the last four months, has been a feat. We’re all trying to navigate the world with restrictions while caring for the health of ourselves and others. One thing that hasn’t stopped is a need for travel, sometimes out of absolute necessity, or for work, and even vacationing continues for some. If you are going somewhere, here are a few travel insurance tips.

Travel Insurance Tips

There’s not just one “travel insurance”. So consider what potential loss you’re trying to cover so you can choose your best option. Are you trying to cover potential lost baggage, evacuation, trip cancellation/interruption, flight insurance and/or medical?

Speaking of medical, networks are regionally based and close to your home. You may find yourself out of network when traveling. If you need emergency coverage, it’s usually covered as a network service. Most plans have limited networks when traveling and you won’t have coverage other than emergency coverage. We hope that doesn’t apply to anyone reading this!

Age is a factor in determining the cost of the insurance premium, even in travel insurance. You won’t have to get a physical like you would with life insurance, but your age will still affect the cost.

Travel rewards credit cards may not have the travel coverage you think they do. Don’t count on your travel reward credit card for your travel insurance, they might cover lost luggage, but you usually have to purchase travel insurance for trip interruption or cancellation insurance. Read carefully so you are sure that you are travelling with the coverage you need.

Do you have travel plans? Where are you planning to go? We’d love to hear about it!

We wish you happy travels!

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